Kris Kardashian should take tips from Rebecca Black the next time she chooses to venture into the world of pop music.

Recently a video of Kris Kardashian resurfaced from 1985 in which Kris is jamming out for her 30th birthday.  The video showed up on Kim's website, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Kim or Khloe had a hand in this.

Keep your eye out for a very interesting cameo in the video.  If I were Kris, I would be weary to be associating with who shows up in this video!

With lyrics like this, how did she not have a #1 hit!?

We're big on: car pools, Judy Cleaver, bible study, Cheescake Factory, Tallarico, Auntie Barbara's, Joyce's parties, lots of tennis, baby showers, birthday parties, Valentino , church on Sunday!  Everybody very happy, because the girls are shinning all the time, another fun filled day, i love my friends!