Every once in while you might get a vibe from one of your guy friends. You a know, a sort of "I'd like to sleep with you" vibe. You're quick to brush it off, thinking "Naw, we're just really good friends. He's not into me like that." Well, a new study shows that he totally might be.

The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships studied more than 80 male-female friendships. They found that males were more attracted to their female friends than the other way around. Dudes also consistently and mistakenly assumed that their female pal was attracted to them more than they actually were. Also, even if one or both friends were  in a relationship with someone else, it did not lessen the guy's attraction to his female buddy

Women, on the other hand, reported having much less desire to date their male friends-- especially if they, or he, were already romantically engaged with another. However, the study found that when women were attracted to their opposite sex friend, they reported less satisfaction in their current romantic relationship... so a sort of grass is greener on the other side deal.

Both men and women said that having attraction to their opposite sex friend was more damaging than beneficial.

In summary, the researchers said,  "Our findings implicate attraction in cross-sex friendship as both common and of potential negative consequence for individuals’ long-term mateships."

All this brings up the age old question-- can men and women actually ever just be friends? What do you think? Is it possible to have a completely platonic guy-girl relationship, or is one always secretly attracted to the other?