LaughFest wrapped-up its second successful year on Sunday.  LaughFest filled seats while raising awareness and money for the support of individuals and families affected by cancer.

56,294 people attended LaughFest this year.  Last year's total was 55,376.

There were 323 events this year, 106 were ticketed and 217 were free.

Last year there was 228, 78 were ticketed and 150 were free.

Attendance was up a little, while the total number of events went up a lot.  LaughFest 2012 was still a big success as both money and awareness continued to be raised.

A quick run-down of a few more numbers from LaughFest 2012:

  • Number of volunteers = 1,468
  • T-shirts out in the public domain = 4,239
  • LaughFest buttons distributed = 11,350
  • Number of people wearing chicken beaks = 607, setting a new world record
  • Number of banners, signs, flyers, window clings, smiles and posters distributed = 241,600

My favorite event was Kid's Joke Night at The Grand Rapids Children's Museum.  Looking forward to 2013!

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