Gilda's Laughfest is gearing up for its biggest and best year yet, and as more and more acts are announced, so are more fun activities to add to the Laughfest experience.

Gilda's Club Grand Rapids announced on Wednesday that 2014's Laughfest will include the inaugural "Funderwear Run".

The race will take place Sunday, March 9, and will invite participants to wear their finest (and funniest!) underwear over their running clothes in support of Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids.

So forget black tie, traditional running garb, or ugly Christmas sweaters, there's a NEW dress code in town for fundraising events - underwear!

Gilda's Club is hoping to bring laughter and awareness of emotional health to the streets of Grand Rapids. And really, when else can you run around in your underwear and NOT have it end with a ride in the back seat of a fancy car with flashing lights?

Registration Prior to February 20th is $25 (Includes official race t-shirt). Late Registration on or after February 20th will be $30 (Includes official race t-shirt).

Participants of the FUNderwear Run are also encouraged to do some additional fundraising at Just click “Become a Fundraiser” at the top of the page. From there, runners can send their unique website link to their friends and family who can support their drafty 3.2 mile trek through the city.

These additional fundraising efforts through will support Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids, a free emotional health support community where children, adults, families, and friends find their smile and laughter even in the midst of a cancer or grief journey.

If you have questions about the Funderwear run, please contact Ashley Owen at or 616.735.HAHA (4242).