Everything is going great, then your dog runs off, ignores your call, and keeps running. Now what?

Your dog can runoff for a bunch of different reasons. Something scares him, he wants to explore, he wants to catch the rabbit; but how do you find him?

There's an article I saw posted on Reshareworthy.com that I feel I should pass along.

It tells a story of a dog that ran off in a wooded area. The owner was searching for him and bumped into some hunters who offered the owner advice, based on dogs running off while they were hunting.

They told the dog owner to get an article of clothing that has been worn all day. Take it and place it, with a bowl of water, in the last place the dog was seen and leave it.

They said you could also use some of the dog's toys or other items from his crate.

The idea is the dog would pick up the scent, and eventually find his way to this spot.

After following the advice of the hunter, this dog owner kept checking back, and sure enough the dog was waiting in the spot the next day.

They also said to not leave food as it would attract some unwanted animals, and leave a note so no one moves the items.

I was a bit skeptical on the truth behind this story but after doing some research, it turns out that this should work.

It's worth a shot if your best friend goes missing!