We always find life hacks that will no doubt help you out, but none that really have a professional advantage. Check these out!

All of these are psychological:

1. If you're in a meeting at work, and you think someone might be throwing you under the bus, just sit right next to them. They might back off or at least be less critical.

2. Are you in sales? Looking for love? Need a favor? Don't say anything else after you speak your piece, be it your pitch or whatever. Make the other person respond completely. It forces them to just keep talking, and eventually say yes to end the awkwardness. Side note: this has been done to me and 100% works.

3. When you first meet someone, figure out their eye color. That forces you to look into their eyes a little longer and a little more intently.

4. If you want someone to do you a big favor, ask for a much smaller favor first.

5. Doing some public speaking? Chew gum before you do anything that scares you, chewing can relieve some of the anxiety!

Let me know if any of these work for you!