It seems like Matthew Stafford is always having to rescue the Detroit Lions with some last minute heroics. Already, he's rallied the team four times in the final minutes this season.

And now, we find out he's the most productive quarterback through his first 100 games in the history of the NFL.

Yup, even better than Dan Marino and Peyton Manning, arguably two of the better QBs in the game.

Sunday was Stafford's 100th career NFL game, and at this point in his career, he's ahead of those two giants in passing yards. Thus far, Stafford has tossed for over 27,890 yards with 177 touchdowns and 102 interceptions (which always come at the worst possible time).

By the way, Stafford's game winning heroics Sunday was his 24th game winning drive in just 100 games. If you're doing the math, that means almost one fourth of the games we's played in, he's needed to rally the Lions in the last minutes to win. Sad to think of where they'd be without him.

BUT (and there's always a big BUT), the lowly Lions have only made the playoffs twice in Stafford's seven seasons. Sadly, until he can get some post season heroics under his belt, he may never be considered with the Aaron Rodgers and the Drew Brees of the world.

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