Here's the thing - I'm not an adrenaline junky. Not even a little bit. I'm so afraid of heights that I don't even like to climb ladders and won't stand too close to railings if I can help it.

So, watching this video absolutely blows my mind. How can a kid that small even pull this off?!?

This little girl was just trying to figure out how to make her way through a rotating tunnel so that she could get to her parent/babysitter/aunt/whoever on the other side. So, she sat down on the edge, held on, AND DIDN'T LET GO! She did a complete 360!

Luckily for her, she had the good sense to let go when she could safely slide back down the other side (and then fall).

Her exclamation of "I liked that, mommy!" at the end should be a warning to her mom - you definitely have an adrenaline junky on your hands!