Audrey Rabout of Mount Pleasant looks to be about three years old, and she's brimming with self confidence after she tells her reflection in the mirror how cute she is, over and over and over again.

It doesn't get too much more adorable than this.

Audrey stands in front of a mirror in her home telling herself she's 'cute'. In the background you can hear her mother, Jamie, interject things like 'do you like your outift?'

After clearing up what's on her new cardigan, Audrey returns to her mantra of 'I'm cute!'

Her Mom keeps chiming in, adding things like 'You're beautiful', to which Audrey says 'No! I'm cute!'

Eventually Mom gets her to add a new adjective, 'I'm smart!'

Her mother then says: 'And perfect' to which her daughter repeats the statement to herself in the mirror.