Meet eight-year-old Hannah Esser. Hannah has been a fighter since the day that she was born. Born not breathing, and with no heartbeat, Hannah had to be resuscitated by doctors before ever breathing her first breath. Since that day, Hannah has continued to fight, becoming the youngest member of Michigan's paralympic team, and now, being crowned Little Miss Wheelchair Michigan 2012.

In Hannah's own words, the only thing that she can't do, is jumping jacks. This little girl doesn't see herself as disabled, and frankly, when you meet her, it's hard for you to see her that way either. She beat the odds in so many ways. According to what doctors told her mother, Priscilla, at the hospital, at this point, Hannah shouldn't be able to see, or hear, or even talk, but she does all of those things and then some.

In November, TV7&4 in Northern Michigan did a story about Hannah, calling her "A Miracle Among Us", and telling people about her life.

This past Saturday, Hannah came to Grand Rapids to try and earn yet another achievement, the title of Little Miss Wheelchair Michigan 2012. Those who know Hannah and know her story had no doubt that she'd blow everyone away. And they were right.

Check out TV 7&4's feature on Hannah below