Traditions abound on New Years Eve. There's the ball drop, the countdown, that weird Auld Lang Syne song (yes, I had to look up how to spell it), and of course, the kiss at midnight. If you're hanging out with someone new or looking to hook up with a stranger (not judging, totally for it, hey it's a celebration!) you might be wondering exactly what his smooch means.

As usual, Glamour comes to our aid, breaking it down for us in "Anatomy of a New Year's Eve Kiss".

5...4...3...2...1 He lays one on ya! Happy New Year! Now... what did it mean?

His lip contact is super light, a brush really. No surprise here: he's probably just not that into you. While it is possible he thinks this is a good kissing style (Hey, we've all met people who think they are phenomenal kissers... because no one has ever told them the truth. Not saying that NYE is the best time to announce he's a crappy kisser, but you've got every right to decline a second feather-light, Grandma-style kiss if you're not feeling it) most likely though, he just isn't passionate  about you. In that case-- next!

It's a friendly peck. If this is the shortest non-kiss in the history of the world, it could be about proximity-- you're the closest thing to him and he feels obligated.  Gee, thanks for choosing me and not the falling- down-drunk, bearded man next to me.  Glamour says though, if it's a prolonged peck, lasting a few seconds, that’s something different altogether-- could be promising!

Lots of tongue, a little sloppy, and he’s kinda drunk. NYE might be the one time a kiss like this isn't a complete turn off-- hey it is a holiday in which the main activity is drinking. He's in the party mood, and he's celebrating with you-- which is a good thing. However, if this turns out to be his kissing style all the time (read: he's a drunk) probably time to find a different lip locking (and life) partner.

Throughout the evening, he makes eye contact and flirts from a far, but you don't really talk. Then-- BAM! He swoops in at the last minute and plants one on you. Hmm. What was so important all night that he couldn't actually have a conversation with you? And can you confirm he wasn't feeling out other options during the night and then just decided "Meh, she'll do" ? No thanks, I'll take a guy who isn't just all the sudden feeling me at 11:59:59.

It's midnight and your steady boyfriend is nowhere to be found.
If you have a man,  be clear with him about what you want. If a kiss at midnight is important to you, it should be to him too. He may think it's cheesy/ stupid/ a dumb tradition, but hey, if it's something you care about, he can deal. What's he got to complain about anyway?  You're awesome and he gets to kiss you!

Um, you pretty much don't remember the kiss. Ooopsie. Probably time to cut back on the cocktails. Yep, having a good time is important, but so is being safe and things like not vomiting on yourself or getting arrested.  Also, if he remembers the moment and you don’t, you kinda look like a douche.

He kisses you exactly how you wanted to be kissed. Oh. Thank. Goodness.  Keep him! (Duh.) Happy New Year to you sister!