"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Is exactly what I would be screaming if this happened to me.  A couple in Colorado picked up their Sunday paper and checked the numbers for the previous night's Lotto drawing... all of the numbers matched the ticket they bought the day previous.  The couple had just won $4.3 million!  Or did they?

Sadly, the numbers were printed incorrectly.  The couple called up their kids only to find out that the paper they read had reprinted the winning numbers from the previous day.  Quite a sad moment for both parents and children alike.

Jim Sprague, the purchaser of the ticket, had this to say: "(it's) a case of rags to riches and back to rags again."  Well, at least he found a bit of humor in it...

Do you think the newspaper should compensate him in some way?  What if he told his boss off, or went on a spending spree in anticipation of the $4.3 million?