This might qualify as one of those ideas where the government is clearly overstepping its limits.  Then again... if we're not willing to stop being low-class slobs on our own, maybe we do need to make it illegal. Michael Williams, a district commissioner in Shreveport, Louisiana is pushing for an ordinance that would make it illegal to wear pajamas in public

Williams says he thought of it when he was at Walmart and saw a group of guys all wearing pajamas, and,  quote, "At the part where there should've been underwear, one guy's private parts were showing through the fabric." He went on to say that "Pajamas are designed to be worn in the bedroom at night.  If you can't wear them at the courthouse, why are you going to do it in a restaurant or in public?  Today it's pajamas, tomorrow it's underwear.  Where does it stop?"

Of course, something like this is hard to regulate... like, what does and doesn't count as pajamas?  And it's also hard to expect the cops to enforce it. But if any place can  pull it off, it's probably Shreveport.  They're one of those cities with an ordinance that bans sagging pants... and last year,  the police hit 31 people with misdemeanors for violating that ordinance.