Oh what a weekend, a trip to Detroit to spend time with my family, pick up my fantasy hockey winnings and...calling the cops all the way back here in GR? Well... that's what I did, on accident. 

Sitting on the couch at my moms place I feel my phone vibrate out of control for a few minutes, thought it was obviously odd, so I stepped outside to check on my phone.  When I looked at it, it was a saved number calling me 17 times in a row. What saved number was it? The GRPD.

Come to find out I pocket dialed the GR Police because I saved the number this past week. I saved it when word broke of the crazy dude running through office buildings stealing stuff, so I needed to be prepared.

Little did I know I would call the police on accident, and get a quicker response back then if I actually needed them to respond. Moral of the story... Put your phone on lock when it's in your pocket, you don't want any oops moments...it may leave you paranoid until you find out you did nothing wrong and only pocket dialed. lol

Any "Oops" moments for you because of a pocket dial?