Moving stinks, let’s face it. Regardless if you’re moving across the country or somewhere else within your community, it still stinks. The packing, the loading, the unloading, the unpacking and reorganizing…AHHHHHHH! That’s not even counting trying to find someone to help you move, or a vehicle to use to move some of the stuff out. Now I’m not complaining about moving into a new home, because I love it here as I’m finally moved in, but I’m just trying to share with you the hassles of doing it on your own because your lovely lady is pregnant and she can’t do much to help at all.

Maybe it’s because my fiancé and I were keeping tally of how many times in my life I have moved into different homes…and that number is 26, yes 26 times, from childhood to now, 26 times and counting as I’m still only 30 years old. Or maybe it’s because I was driving down 1-96 today and lost all my clothes on someone’s hood behind me. Is this rant supposed to be me just complaining about moving? NO, it’s to pass on the wise words that if you ever move. GET PROFESSIONAL MOVERS…or someone who can do all your laundry that flew out of your truck while moving.