Seriously. I'm not kidding. Ok guys, stop laughing.

I honestly miss "Dawson's Creek"! I used to love that show! What with Dawson and Joey and their romance. How she always climbed in through the window instead of using the door. Pacey and all of the trouble he managed to get himself into. And of course there was the knowledge that one day I would marry both Dawson and Pacey somehow and live happily ever after in Capeside, Massachusetts with them.

I followed that show religiously, and while many of the cast members (Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams and Joshua Jackson) have made amazing careers for themselves, we never see James Van Der Beek anymore. Until now!

Turns out that "Dawson" still has quite the sense of humor! As shown in this video from

See? Dawson hasn't lost his sense of humor over the years, and I like that about him. (Maybe we could still live happily ever after in Capeside...)