Meet Gary Thompson. Gary is well known on the streets of Lexington, KY as a panhandler who is very much down on his luck. According to the story that Gary tells folks, he was in an accident that left him both physically and mentally handicapped. So, Gary takes to the streets in his wheelchair every day, asking the fine folks of Lexington for money. Thing is, Gary isn't actually mentally handicapped at all. And a local news station (22 News WWLP) busted him.

Gary isn't ashamed of what he does, though. Oh no. In fact, he's proud that he rakes in anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000 per year by lying to the people who are trying to help out a person who's down on his luck.

He told the news station that he's "really good at" pretending to be handicapped. And smiled and laughed while talking to reporters.

Gary is a douche. You'll think so, too, after you watch the video below.