A man's groin caused a situation at a Hastings fast food restaurant this morning. Police were called to the scene after a call was received reporting a man acting strange in the parking lot around 9:15 on Thursday morning. 

The person who called informed the officers upon their arrival that the man had been seen reaching into his pants and seemed to be grabbing himself violently. The man then entered the restaurant. When officers entered the restaurant, they started looking for the man who they later found in the men's bathroom.

Police explained their concerns to the man, and he informed that he he understood. He then went on to explain why he was acting so strangely. According to a news release from Hastings Police Chief Jerry Sarver,

The man had just gotten back from Tennessee where he had purchased a pick-up truck.  The truck was observed sitting in the restaurant parking lot where the man pointed it out to Officers.  The man stated further that a family member had allowed the dogs inside his house while he was away- and that the dogs were infested with fleas and ticks.  The man stated that his home was now infested.  The man had arrived at the restaurant to purchase breakfast, but upon exiting his truck had been bitten in “his private area” by a tick, and had then reached into his pants out of the pain of the bite.  The man then returned to the restroom bringing out the tick that he had just removed from himself- showing it to the Officers- who then decided that the evidence was not important enough to confiscate.  The man was released in time for breakfast.