A common saying in Michigan is "we have 2 seasons, winter, and construction."  It seems like maintenance crews in Michigan are always on the road when the weather is permissible.  But despite that fact, drivers are always having to deal with potholes, broken pavement, and the like.

Meanwhile in Japan, a sinkhole that was half of a city block in diameter was completely repaired in a matter of days.  What?  A few days to fix that amount of damage?  How is that even possible?

The 98 foot long and 49 foot deep sinkhole opened up over an underground construction project in Fukuoka, a city in southwestern Japan.  The hole destroyed the road, a major water main, and several other utility lines underneath the city.  Even though the damage was quite extensive and required several different types of specialists to repair, the city got it done in an astounding 2 day period!

Don't be completely distraught about Michigan's roads, you can help the Michigan Department of Transportation find and repair potholes quicker than ever!  Report potholes you come across on MDOT's website so they can identify the problem area and fix it quicker!  And if you damage your car because of a pothole, be sure to make a claim with the state so you don't have to pay for the repairs!