Paying someone to date you.... um, isn't there already a name for that? calls itself  "The # 1 Sugar Daddy Dating Site", matching "respectful and generous" Sugar Daddies with "attractive, intelligent, ambitious and goal oriented" Sugar Babies.  Oh, and the Daddies pay the Babies an agreed upon monthly amount. Yep, like an allowance. Is this creepy to any one else?


Maybe I just have old fashioned ideas about love... or maybe I'm just poor?

In the Britain's latest edition of Gentleman's Quarterly Magazine, Brandon Wade, Founder and CEO of, says:

"Love is a concept that’s been invented by poor people... calling [ sugar babies] ‘prostitutes’ [because they] want something more out of a relationship than just this abstract notion of love is a comment and a stigma that is born from pure jealousy. [For those who do not have anything else] … they have love. For everyone else there’s our website.”

As for why women join, Wade explains: “Gentlemen are a dying breed, especially in America. I think there’s this feeling that women have gone through a lot to fight for feminist rights, and now they are, indeed, equals. But they’ve lost something along the way. In becoming equals, so the etiquette of being a traditional gentleman – standing up when they enter, opening doors, paying for dinner on the first date – has been lost. This is what draws a lot of women to the site … [to be] taken care of by a stronger man is – deep down – what a lot of women are really long for.”

What do you think? Is this matchmaking? Or more like an escort service?