geishabot, Getty Images

If you were to ask most men, "what is the last thing you would want to do with their girlfriend or wife on a Saturday afternoon?", they’ll probably say any kind of shopping. My Saturday took a turn for the worst when shopping in the mall evolved into finding the perfect pair of maternity jeans.

Being dragged through countless stores and discussing below the belly or over the belly bands isn’t exactly the fun I expected from expecting. I envisioned baggy shirts and not so flattering saggy jeans. To my surprise, and my fiancés, we found an armful of clothing that was priced cheaper than her normal wardrobe and looked just as good.

Along with the ever growing demand for baby accessories, designing maternity wear is becoming the new way for celebrities to put their name on something. After announcing her pregnancy, Jessica Simpson also discussed putting out a new line of maternity wear to add to her already successful clothing line. Beyonce is putting out a maternity fashion line that is still edgy and sexy for a pregnant woman’s ever changing body. Mother of four, Heidi Klum put out her maternity lines "Loved and Lavished", at Motherhood Maternity in 2010. Along with celebrities jumping on the baby bandwagon, stores like Forever 21 and Old Navy have also taken on maternity clothes.

I learned all of this in one afternoon, fellas.