McDonald’s Big Mac “Special Sauce” has been a thing of rumors for years… mainly what makes it special sauce? Most of us say it’s just Thousand Island Dressing, but now you can do a side by side comparison because McDonald’s is giving away their Special Sauce

Yep, tomorrow (Thursday) McDonald’s is giving away 10,000 bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce.    Here’s the thing though, theres’ only one McDonald’s in West Michigan that will be giving away the sauce and they only have 75 bottles!

Tomorrow morning, starting at 6:30am, if you want a bottle of Big Mac Special Sauce, make sure you’re at the McDonald’s on Plainfield - 3814 Plainfield Ave. in Grand Rapids to be exact, because they’ll have 75 bottles up for grabs.

There’s actually 4 Michigan McDonald’s that will be giving away the sauce so if you’re traveling you can try to get a bottle at the locations in Edwardsburg, Royal Oak and Escabana, according to their press release.

The giveaway is happening for one day only, while supplies last and is in conjunction with the launch of the Mac Jr. and Grand Mac sandwiches.