McDonald's reminds its employees to tip their housekeeper, massage therapist and pool caretaker. Really????

McDonald's sent out on its McResource website line for workers to be sure to tip and a holiday tipping guide with a sample budget plan.

They were reminded to tip their housekeepers,pool cleaners, message therapist, au pairs, dog walkers and personal trainers.

McDonald's execs must be confused or just haven't heard from enough workers on how $7.25 an hour is not really a living wage and how they can't possibly afford all these luxuries they are talking about.

When McDonald's was asked about why it published such a ridiculous tipping guide, a spokesperson told them it was "provided by a third-party partner and quotes ... etiquette gurus."

Last month on the McResource Line, they posted tips for a good holiday season that included eating less and complaining less and selling gifts you don't want for "quick cash."