Every Wednesday, The Humane Society of West Michigan sends over a new pet for me to fall in love with and tell you all about. This week, I got to meet Garfield! Okay, so not the real Garfield, but his name is GarfieldS, and he's pretty awesome.Tammy Hagedorn, Director of Development for the Humane Society of West Michigan, stopped by to tell me all about Garfields. He is 2 years old, and is looking for a loving home.  For the right person or family, Garfields would make the perfect addition.

Of course, you can get all the information on the Humane Society's website, and by calling 616-453-8900.

Tammy said that their Holiday Open House over the weekend was very successful, with 50 animals being adopted.  Thanks to everyone who gave a good home to a loving pet.