Every Wednesday, the folks from the Humane Society of West Michigan stop by and bring me a new friend to be named as “Wendy’s Pet Of The Week”. This week, Trudy from the Humane Society stopped by with Percy.

Percy is a three-year-old poodle mix and is pretty much the epitome of a lap dog. Percy is perfectly content just to snuggle all day with you and give you kisses. And while he CAN walk (and is perfectly able to) he much prefers it if you carry him.

Trudy also mentioned the upcoming "Wipe Out Our Shelter Adopt-A-Thon". It's this Friday at Saturday (July 11 & 12) and during this event, all dogs 4 months and older are only $50 and cats, kittens, and small critters are completely FREE!

For complete information simply check out the Humane Society website, or call 616-453-8900.