Every week, the Humane Society of West Michigan brings in a new furry friend for me to hang out with for a bit, and to be named as "Wendy's Pet Of The Week"! This week, Trudy from the Humane Society brought Shelby to visit.

Shelby is an 8-year-old pit bull mix who is super laid back and affectionate, and, needs a good home.

Shelby was a stray that someone found and brought to the Humane Society. Unfortunately, she didn't have any tags or a microchip and was unable to be reunited with her owner.

She is very social and loving, has had all of her shots and is spayed.

Since she's 8-years-old, Shelby is a member of the “Silver Paws” club at the Humane Society, so she is free to the right home. All senior pets are free at the Humane Society to encourage people to adopt an older pet.

This Friday will be holding a very special event. All pets, 4-months-old and older will only be $14. It’s Find Someone to Love Friday, so from noon until 7 p.m. you can stop in to the Humane Society and bring home a new family member for only $14!

You can find out more about the Humane Society of West Michigan on their website, or by calling 616-453-8900.