With the holidays and vacation and what not, I feel like I haven't featured a new "Wendy's Pet Of The Week" in forever (it's been over a month). So, I'm glad to be back at it again.

Every week, the Humane Society of West Michigan brings in a new furry friend for me to hang out with for a bit, and to be named as "Wendy's Pet Of The Week"! This week, Jen from the Humane Society brought Simone to visit.

Simone is a one-year-old pit bull terrier mix who is friendly, loving, and surprisingly calm for a dog as young as she is. She would be the perfect addition to the right household.

Right now, dogs like Simone are "on sale" in a way. Throughout the month of January, all dogs adopted from the Humane Society are only $50, which includes all of their shots and their spay/neuter. That's $125 less than you would normally pay when adopting a dog  from the Humane Society.

In addition to the special on dogs, all cats are only $10 during the month of January (adoption fee includes spay/neuter and all vaccines). The new year is a great time to bring a new and loving family member into your home.

To find out more about Simone and the other animals at the Humane Society of West Michigan, click here.