Every week, our friends at the Humane Society of West Michigan bring me in a new furry friend to play with. This week, I got to meet Sneaker!

Carlita Gonzalez from the Humane Society of West Michigan brought in Sneaker, who is a one-year-old cat.  And let me tell you, I'm generally not a cat person, but Sneaker is awesome! Adorable, friendly, affectionate, and just all around a snuggler. Sneaker is looking for a good home and would certainly make the right person or family a wonderful new addition.

Carlita also talked to me about The Humane Society's Home For The Holidays Adopt-a-thon and Open Houseon December 1st. The open house offers huge discounts on animals ($45 for dogs, $95 for puppies, and cats, kittens, and small critters will cost whatever you are willing to pay! Seriously!). It will be a special day for all people and families to find that special new family member.

For information on adoption, the open house and all things Humane Society, log on the their website HERE, or call 616-453-8900.