We've announced the Ice In The Ice winners, now we'd like to tell you a little be about them! So, we're sharing their stories! These are the people that will be competing in Ice In The Ice this Thursday at Siegel Jewelers! Each couple will receive a block of ice, and the first couple to melt the ice to get to the "ice" (diamond) in the middle will win a half carat diamond from our friends at Siegel Jewelers! Want to get in on the action? You can! Find out how after the jump!

The third contestant we'd like to introduce you to is Alisha Henry. Here's Alisha's story of how she got together with her boyfriend Eric in her own words.

My mom always used to tell me, “Once you stop looking for Mr. Right, you will find him.”
Now, I will only write this once, but my mom was right.
Eric and I met through a mutual friend during our college summer of 2010. We became instant friends, sharing jokes through text message, hanging out at the pool, and poking each other on Facebook.
I am not really sure when “Just Friends” turned into “In a Relationship”, but if I had to guess it was when he kissed me while we were lounging around in our pajamas watching Top Gun in my little apartment. Of course I kissed him back and then every time we were together I suggested a viewing of Top Gun; just to re-live that steamy first kiss. (And yes we still like cheesy movies)
So after several dates, millions of smiley face texts, and many kisses good night on the stoop leading to my apartment later. He asked me to be his girl friend and of course I said, “Yes”.
Eric and I have always shared a special kind of love that I believe you only find once in a lifetime. Our love for each other and our relationship was put to the test a year ago when I graduated from Western Michigan University and my job transferred me to South Bend, Indiana. I had to leave Eric in Kalamazoo at WMU to finish his schooling for five months. We hated every minute of being apart, but being apart really does make the heart grow fonder.
Anyways, after those dreadful five months I was transferred to Grand Rapids and we decided to move in together while I worked and he finished up school. (He graduates in 1 week!)
These past two years have only been proof to Eric and I that we belong together. He really is my missing puzzle piece, my better half, the love of my life. We do not hesitate to go on an adventure together or drop everything to go to Delaware to the beach for the weekend.
Eric and I want to spend the rest of our lives together and look forward to our future of having a dog and a family someday. Unfortunately, we have had to put our engagement on hold because of school, careers, and money. The saying, “All you need is love,” is an incorrect saying.
This contest being put on by 95.7 Today’s Best Mix and Siegel Jewelers will give Eric and I an opportunity to start the next chapter of our life sooner than anticipated. We would love to be given the chance to win the half carrot diamond. Thank you for reading just a small part of our love story and I hope you enjoyed our goofy/fun/cheesy love story.

Want to be a part of Ice In The Ice? You can! Just come on out to Siegel Jewelers (located at 2845 Lake Eastbrook Boulevard Southeast) this Thursday starting at 5pm. One lucky couple will be picked at random to participate in the contest!