We already announced the Ice In The Ice winners, now we'd like to tell you a little be about them! So, we're sharing their stories! These are the people that will be competing in Ice In The Ice this Thursday at Siegel Jewelers! Each couple will receive a block of ice, and the first couple to melt the ice to get to the "ice" (diamond) in the middle will win a half carat diamond from our friends at Siegel Jewelers! Want to get in on the action? You can! Find out how after the jump!

The fourth contestant we'd like to introduce you to is David Reilly. Here's David's story about how he and his wife met, married, and now need this diamond (and why they're self-proclaimed "poor hot people") in his own words:

My wife and I met about 11 years ago, before online dating, in Florida. I was there for a job. She was randomly texted, and the talking commenced from there. We agreed to meet in a random place, just in case we were both ugly, we gave each other outs. Well we hit it off. She was beautiful. I spent the rest of the night wooing her. Horse drawn carriage, etc. Well we dated for about 7 years, and boy was it rocky. When we decided to get married I had to buy a ring from her brother that didnt work for his roommates engagement. I'm not sure she knows that. We were married on 7-7-7, and life got real rocky after that. We had two children, one before marriage, one after. Well along the way this particular ring lost the diamond in the middle. I have saved it and have been waiting for the money to have it done, I actually promised over the summer to do it for christmas. But, as you would know it, I lost my job in October due to downsizing. I have no way to pay for it now. This woman deserves this chance, I heard this on the way today with her and told her I wanted to at least try and have a chance to keep my promise. She has stayed with me through all the crap and she deserves this diamond. She is beautiful and we can win this. Thanks for your consideration, Poor Hot People who need to replace a lost diamond.

Want to be a part of Ice In The Ice? You can! Just come on out to Siegel Jewelers (located at 2845 Lake Eastbrook Boulevard Southeast) this Thursday starting at 5pm. One lucky couple will be picked at random to participate in the contest!