We thought we'd introduce you to the people that will be competing in Ice In The Ice this Thursday at Siegel Jewelers! Each couple will receive a block of ice, and the first couple to melt the ice to get to the "ice" (diamond) in the middle will win a half carat diamond from our friends at Siegel Jewelers! Want to get in on the action? You can! Find out how after the jump!

The first contestant we want to introduce you to is Katie Miller. Here's Katie's story of how she got together with her boyfriend Chris, in her own words:

Here's to a funny story with only a slightly gross ending...

My boyfriend, Chris played baseball in college, and I played softball (and still do for one more year), so naturally we were bound to meet because our teams would always hang out and throw parties together. I had always wanted to fall for someone who had a love for baseball, plus there is something about a man in uniform...

My roommates and I were hosting a party at our apartment last January when things got a little crazy. A few of the baseball guys came over to our place as we were having a great time and drinking a little bit. It all started when I had to go to the bathroom...

I was in the kitchen, when I realized I had to go to the bathroom, I went into the hallway where are bathroom is, and I saw Chris standing there waiting. I told him, "I really have to go to the bathroom, I'm going to cut you!" He wasn't to mad, he actually asked, "Do ya want to share?" And I said "NO!" The door opened and I ran in and left him in the dust. I then proceeded to take care of business, and when I was trying to exit, I ended right back in the bathroom with Chris in it... He asked what my name is, I told him "Clarise," it's usually the name I tell people when I don't want to tell them my name. He knew I was lying, and continued to ask what my name was, finally I gave in and told him, "Katie." And then, he kissed me!

We kissed for a little bit in the bathroom, then I ran out because I got too nervous. He then went and sat on a couch in our living room looking at me, it was a look that I just couldn't resist. So of course I went over and sat by him, and naturally we started kissing on the couch. Everyone started staring because this was not typical of either of us. I panicked and told him I was going up to my room and he was welcome to follow. Low and behold, he followed me!

We were just kissing in my room for a little bit when I heard all my roommates hooting and hollering in a little area that connects all of our bedrooms. So I left to go talk to them for a minute.

I came back into my room, and he asked if I was tired, I said, "Yes." He said, "Me too, I think I'm going to take off," and I said, "good!" So we did the whole exchange number thing, and he called me when he was walking home to his apartment. He left and I had a stain on my carpet that wasn't there before.. The conversation goes a little something like this...

"Hey I just wanted to check to see if you actually gave me your real number," I said "of course I did." I then asked, "did you PUKE on my floor??" He immediately got defensive, "No, no, who would do that? That is disgusting!" And I said "I know, it's disgusting, did YOU PUKE ON MY FLOOR?" He denied again, and I asked him one final time, and he goes, "Yeah, I did it..." I go, "Well thanks, I have to go clean up puke now..." And he replied, "No don't do that, I'll come back and clean it up, that's disgusting!" and I agreed.

So Chris came back over with a bottle of febrez and a towel, right, like that was going to clean it. However; the alcohol did not help my sense of smell, and all there was, was the smell of febreze. He went home and slept, I bet for a really long time. All I know is it was really gross, but he came back to clean it up... That meant more to me then he will ever know, it is why I gave him a chance, and boy and I glad I did!

We talked about how crazy things were the night before through texting, and then we agreed to meet up to watch a movie, the rest just feel into place.

He is the most amazing man I have ever met. He is so incredibly caring and loving in a way I never thought I would ever find. He has the most amazing family, and shares all the values in life I find important, important. He is my soul mate, and I can't wait to continue this crazy thing called life with him. God has blessed me with such an amazing man, it might have been a freak of accident how it happened, but I am so glad and thankful it did. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

Want to be a part of Ice In The Ice? You can! Just come on out to Siegel Jewelers (located at 2845 Lake Eastbrook Boulevard Southeast) this Thursday starting at 5pm. One lucky couple will be picked at random to participate in the contest!