I was stumbling across some websites online and I found out some pretty unique facts about Memorial Day Weekend. Beef is the most popular food on the barbecue, and the breakdown looks like this: 1) hamburger 2) steak 3) chicken and 4) hot dogs.

The number of barbecue events that occur each year in America is right around 2.6 billion. To be specific, The Barbecue Industry of America, defines a BBQ event as a match hitting a briquette or some other BBQ fuel.

The percentage of American families who own grills are 83%, and oddly enough my family is in the minority on that. For those who like to be entertained, the most common form of entertainment is a Frisbee, 62% of us say a Frisbee is required at a picnic.

And the best fact of all....Michigan was the first state to have roadside picnic tables.