So, the Michael Jackson tribute concert was supposed to be “the biggest and best concert in the world”?

Well, they lied.

The initial line-up has been revealed and it looks more like an episode of that MTV show where they tried to put bands back together. So who can we look forward to seeing? Alien Ant Farm. When was the last time they put out an album?

This show will remind us what a great performer Michael was, mainly by showing us how horrible the people performing in the tribute are.

Set to completely murder the King of Pop's music catalog are such awesome acts as JLS, Craig David, Alien Ant Farm and 3T. Remember 3T? I do, and they were terrible the first time around. 3T is consisted of Tito Jackson’s sons. That’s how bad this line-up is.

Cee Lo Green and Leona Lewis are also set to appear. At least they'd be worth seeing.

Justin Bieber has said he won’t be doing it, and Bruno Mars and Chris Brown have “respectfully declined”. That’s Chris Brown, who punches women, and freaks out on national television, saying no to a Michael Jackson tribute concert.

Tickets aren’t on sale yet because, honestly, who knows if anyone will actually want to go to the show after seeing the terrible line-up.

What makes this worse? The show is four hours long!

This line-up is so awful that even the official Michael Jackson Fan Club aren’t giving any support to the show.

The concert is in England, but even if it was happening right here in Grand Rapids, would you buy tickets?