While in Grand Rapids this week, Governor Rick Snyder introduced the Health and Wellness plan.  One part of this plan is to give the DNR the power to make state beaches smoke free.

The need to improve overall health and the desire keep our beaches clean were both cited as reasons to go smoke-free at Michigan owned and operated beaches.

Governor Snyder talks about smoking in the Health and Wellness plan:

While tobacco use is down significantly, now is not the time to let up.
Therefore, I want to make it clear that I will veto any legislative attempt to
reduce taxes on cigarettes or other tobacco products.

I also ask that the legislature give the Department of Natural Resources
authority to implement a policy requiring all state owned and operated beaches
to be smoke free to promote a clean and healthy environment.

Michigan already has a controversial law banning smoking in restaurants, bars, and businesses.  Some bar owners have banned state legislatures from their businesses because of that law.

This law shouldn't have as big of an effect on business, but will still be met with opposition from those who argue that a smoking ban violates individual rights.

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