A Michigan couple, who were nearly inseparable during life, and as it turns out, they were inseparable in death as well. The couple, William and Edna Kreger, died only 12 hours apart.

William, age 96, was the former mayor of Wyandotte (near Detroit), and passed away on Friday. His wife Edna, age 97, died the following morning.

The couple's son, Conrad Kreger, told The Detroit Free Press,

It’s like my dad came to get her.

According to their son, the couple met when they were teenagers. They both attended Roosevelt High School in Wyandotte. During their 76 year marriage, the couple had six children, fifteen grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.

William fell and hit his head on Thursday, and never recovered from his injuries. He passed away around 6pm on Friday. Edna, who suffered from dementia and was under hospice care, passed away the next morning, almost exactly twelve hours later.

William and Edna Kreger loved traveling. Their trips took them to places like Russia, China, New Zealand and Australia.

Conrad Kreger said of his parents,

My dad never went to bed without kissing her goodnight and telling her he loved her.

The family has said that they don't see this as a time of mourning, but as a celebration of the life that their parents had together. And their bond that was so strong it couldn't be severed, even in death.