A Michigan family is fighting to keep their pet deer that they've had since it was born 5 years ago.

The way the family got the deer was actually pretty crazy. They were driving down the road when the pregnant mommy jumped out in front of their car. Unfortunately, as the mom lay there she began giving birth to two baby fawns. One of them passed away at the scene (as well as the mom) and one of them was in pretty rough condition.

As a local police officer drove by he saw the family and helped them out. When the family asked if they could try to save the fawn the police officer said they could take it home with them. So they did just that.

Now, fast forward to five years later. The fawn has survived and become a member of the family. However, now the DNR is threatening to remove the deer from the family's home.

The DNR has given the family two choices. They can either release the deer into the wild or it will be put down.

The family is fighting so that neither of these things happen.


[Source: KPHO]