Would you be for a higher gas tax, if it meant our roads would be fixed?

That's exactly what our lawmakers in Lansing are trying to decide.

From WZZM:

Michigan senators are considering whether to significantly increase gasoline taxes over five years to mend roads and bridges.


The talk of pumping more money into transportation infrastructure comes on the heels of a House vote to gradually allow Michigan's 19-cents-a-gallon gas tax to go as high as 32 ½ cents over time.


WZZM reports that this would generate $450 million a year, but most of the money would come from diverting money from other areas in the budget.

Since per-gallon fuel taxes could rise by only a penny a year, there's concern that it wouldn't be enough to keep the roads maintained.

A Senate committee is going to consider the legislation from the House this coming week.


Okay, time for my thoughts:

Am I missing something, or does this NOT seem like a good plan? If I'm reading this right, gas prices go up and yet that still might not be enough to fix up the roads. I'm thinking we need to find other options; but what are those? Toll roads? Higher plate fees for heavier vehicles?

Honestly, I like none of those ideas. I'll go play a few scratch offs at the gas station to see if I can win some money to fix the roads.

Be right back.