Really cute video from Holland. They rounded up a bunch of awesome kindergartners to say thanks to the police.

For more than a decade, Mrs. Looman's kindergartner class from Calvary Schools of Holland have been making special gifts to thank the Holland Department of Public Safety. #thankyouforyourservice

Sure, sure. Thanksgiving is past, but this video is too cute to not share.

Kids love arts and crafts, in the back of my mind, I can vaguely remember being a kindergartner and being so pumped to do arts and crafts all day. The best part of the day though was nap time.

I still miss nap time. Would it be weird for me to lay on my office floor and take a nap now and then? Probably.

Anyway, to little kids, the police are superheroes. So, this is one super cute craft I'm sure the kids were into.