It's fall, and that means tension is running high over the one commodity we have plenty of... LEAVES!

It's all fun and games until your ear muffs get knocked off!

Autumn is such a beautiful time in Michigan, the leaves provide us with a color show unrivaled in other states. And then, we have to rake them, and it gets ugly.

Not a fall season passes without neighbors coming to blows over raked or blown leaves, and 2016 i s no exception. According to, two UP residents squared off last week after one accused the other of blowing leftover leaves into his yard. (Because the wind couldn't possibly do that, could it?)

The altercation began when one neighbor was mowing his lawn and blew leaf clippings onto a next-door property, according to Conservation Officer Robert Freeborn.


'When the neighbor saw this he immediately became outraged and went over and punched the complainant in the head, knocking off his ear muffs and phone that he was using to record the incident on the ground," according to the report Freeborn filed...with the DNR.


"The suspect then took the cell phone and deleted the video of the incident and smashed the phone against a tree."

Of course, we all know when the ear muffs get knocked off in the UP, it's on! It is kind of sad the video got erased, because that would have racked up some serious hits on the old YouTube.

Let's be peaceful, and use common sense when leaf blowing or raking this fall, and STAY OFF MY LAWN!!! Thank you.