Once a Michigander, always a Michigander, and now that's been proven.

A new survey shows Michigan is one of the states that people have a tendency to stay in for their whole lives.

I went away. And then I came back to Michigan. Why? I don't know, I feel people here understand me better than they did elsewhere.

Plus, I love the rustic beauty of Michigan. Is there naything better than waking to the smell of camp fire along Lake Superior, with smell of pine in there? I think not.

A new study conducted by the web site WalletHub found the percentage of people living in every state who were born there . . . in other words, it ranked the states by how likely people are to basically stay there FOREVER.

And more than three-quarters of the people living in Louisiana, Michigan, and Ohio right now were born there.

A whopping 76.6 percent of the people who live in Michigan were born here, and when you think of all the people who fled the state for jobs from the 1980s onward, that's a pretty impressive number. Only Louisiana had a better percentage with over 78 percent.

Of the remainder, 6.8 perecnt were born somewhere in the Midwest, while 6.6 percent were born in a foreign country.

There are 10 states where more than 69% of the people currently living there were also born there:  Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Iowa, Alabama, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

On the other end of the scale, only 26% of people living in Nevada were born there.

The 10 states with the smallest percentage of people who were born there are:  Nevada, Florida, Arizona, Wyoming, Alaska, New Hampshire, Colorado, Delaware, Oregon, and Maryland.

Why have you chosen to stay or come back to Michigan?

Is it because of waterfalls like this...

Jojo Girard/TSM

Or this...

Jojo Girard/TSM

Or maybe sunsets like this...

Jojo Girard/TSM