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Finally an end to one of the most odd, and disgusting stories in the state!

The community of Ypsilanti has been on edge when it comes to taking their kids to the playground lately. Why? Because someone has been POOPING on a slide in a park.

Yes, pooping on a slide.

Word from Ypsilanti Police Chief Tony DiGiusti is that they have found the person responsible, yet they won't release this person's name. It is believe that this person lives in a nearby halfway house, and no charges were brought against said pooper.

The Michigan pooper was brought into the national spotlight after a Michigan advertising firm joined in the search with a billboard along I-94 with various slogans.

Help us flush the pooper #YPSIPOOPER

Do your civic doody report the pooper. #YPSIPOOPER

Help us catch the poopetrator #YPSIPOOPER

Rest easy tonight Ypsi, police have wiped away the problem.