It's 6 am. Your head is pounding. You can only find one shoe. There are several questions you may have: Why did I think mixing cosmopolitans with PBR and red wine was a good idea? Who is this guy? How can I get of here without waking up whoever he is? Perhaps most importantly, how am I getting home? Ahh, the walk of shame. An enterprising University of  Michigan student has provided those that live in the Ann Arbor area an answer for that last question: The Walk of Shame Shuttle.

Senior Kellyann Wargo has started her own business.  The Walk of Same Shuttle flyer promises $5 rides for those who are looking for a quick get away the morning after an unplanned overnight encounter.  Wargo also provides a complimentary bottle of water, a high five, and perhaps best of all, no judgement.

On her tumblr page, Wargo says she decided to start the business because she was pretty much already doing it for free anyway:

"I am always picking my roommates (well just one, I made it plural so she won’t feel singled out) from their men’s houses in the wee hours of the morning. My mom told me I need to get another job if I want to continue to go out five times a week, but I am a Michigan student- why apply for someone else’s job when I can make up my own?"

Wargo told Bro Bible that her first customer-- her roommate--  also encouraged her:

"She suggested I make a business out of it because she, like many girls, doesn't want to call a taxi that takes forever and is usually some sort of father figure, middle aged man, driver."