Did you hear about this story from northern Michigan? A teacher was let go because she hugged and kissed a student, causing students to boycott the school.

The incident happened at Northwest Academy School in Charlevoix after the teacher, Christina Eanes, got into an argument with a 17-year-old student.

The student, Kody Neumann, told 9 and 10 News:

"We were arguing then she came up gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek and then walked away. Mr. Witherspoon asked me how I felt about it and I told him I wasn't uncomfortable, that's just how she is.  It's how Mrs. Eanes is; she's just a mother like that. It was a motherly gesture nothing more.

Hardly any students showed up to the school today as part of a boycott, and they have put together a petition to get the school board to reconsider their decision.

What do you think? Did she go too far? Or did the school board overreact?