I agree that dessert is serious business. But serious enough to freak the F out so much you end up in court? Nah.

46-year-old Tricia Kortez has been sentenced after allegedly drop-kicking a "Superman vs Batman" birthday cake at a Bloomfield Hills Kroger.

WWMT reports that Kortes pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct last month.

She's been sentenced to 300 hours of community service by Oakland County judge, Kim Small. Judge Small addressed addressed Kortez' behavior:

"Here you are in the middle of a public place, basically drop kicking a cake because you were upset and dropping the F-bomb. If I was shopping with a child, I'd be horrified. And quite frankly, I think the child would be horrified as well."

Kortez' troubles aren't over either. She's also facing assault charges for slapping an employee at Ray’s Ice Cream in Royal Oak. Apparently they were out of her favorite flavor, Mackinac Island Fudge.