There average fan probably has some posters and concert ticket stubs from their favorite singer/ band. Now, a super-fan might take it a bit further, paying top dollar for backstage passes, that sort of thing-- maybe even getting a (as in one) tattoo.  But what are you when you get fifteen tattoos on your body of your fave celeb? Why, you would be this guy-- the grown man with fifteen Miley Cyrus tattoos. Creeped out yet? You will be.

His name is MileyCyrusCarl on Twitter, and he's her biggest fan, obviously.

That's Miley's signature there on both hands and her songs "Obsessed" and "Breakout" on the forearms... Obsessed?! No way, man!

The classic collarbone tat. Also, is that some sort of life-size Miley cut-out over his right shoulder in the background? I'm sure he isn't doing anything inappropriate or creepy with that...

Wow. Just wow.


And guess what guys? There's more to come. Yep, according to MileyCyrusCarl's latest tweet, he's going to be getting another giant tattoo of Miley's face.

Oh good.

Miley must be so flattered. Or, as she should be, mostly thinking about hiring some extra security.