It's Tuesday, so let’s give you another edition of celebrity gossip and things you need to know with Knightlines... 

1. TYRA BANKS has a new "art project" in which she's transforming into other supermodels, like CINDY CRAWFORD, KATE MOSS and CARA DELEVIGNE. But they're all WHITE, which means Tyra is wearing WHITE MAKEUP to portray them. When "blackface" is so taboo, should we be upset about "whiteface"?

2. MILEY CYRUS released her "Wrecking Ball" video yesterday. It features her riding a wrecking ball NAKED, French-kissing a sledgehammer and wearing a tight, white wife beater and no bra. You know, the usual.

3. In the days after MILEY CYRUS twerked at the "VMAs", there were more than twice as many stories about Syria . . . but Miley stories got 12 TIMES more reads. The U.S. isn't the only guilty party, though. Miley stories also out-performed Syria stories in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, India, Singapore and the Philippines. In Russia and Israel, Syria had a SLIGHT edge.

4. This is just adorable: JUSTIN BIEBER is trying to grow a mustache! It's not much more than a collection of fuzz over his upper lip . . . but it'll get there. Pretty soon, Justin will be a BIG BOY just like all his cool friends!

5. SHARON OSBOURNE admitted on "The Talk" yesterday that she had a "fling" with JAY LENO when she was 25. That was 35 years ago, when Jay was around 28. This was a few years before Jay married his wife Mavis. Sharon claims she can't remember if the sex was good, but said Jay was a good kisser.

6. During a charity soccer match over the weekend, LOUIS TOMLINSON from ONE DIRECTION got knocked down by pro soccer player Gabriel Agbonlahor . . . and after getting up and hobbling off the field, he RALPHED on the sideline. Gabriel later apologized and said, quote, "It was one of those things."

7. DENNIS RODMAN held a press conference yesterday saying he's been invited to coach North Korea's Olympic basketball team. He also said he's bringing 12 former NBA stars to compete in a basketball tournament in North Korea next January, in honor of KIM JONG UN'S birthday. He also said, quote, "If you meet [Kim], he's a very good guy. He has to do his job but he's a very good guy."