With all of the hype around the eclipse these last few weeks, you've probably heard that this is the only chance you'll see an event like this in your lifetime.  Well, that's just wrong.  Michiganders will have a much better view of a total solar eclipse in only 7 years.

On April 8th, 2024 we will get to witness a solar eclipse at near totality right here in Michigan.  The path of the eclipse will be much closer to Michigan, so we should see over 90% coverage of the sun, as opposed to the near 80% we witnessed yesterday.

Can't wait until 2024?  How about a partial 2023?  On October 14, 2023 we will be able to witness about 40% coverage of the sun during an annular solar eclipse.

How about a lunar eclipse?  We can witness a total lunar eclipse on January 20/21 of 2019 and then again on May 15/16 of 2022.

It may seem like solar and lunar eclipses are rare occurrences, but they really aren't that uncommon.  Most years have 2 solar eclipses, but some years can play host to up to 5 eclipses, although that is quite rare.

You can check out a complete list of upcoming solar and lunar eclipses in North America here.