Dear Sabrina,

I would very much like to enter my mom into the amazing mother competition. This women is not even my real mother, yet loves me like her own. She is on medical leave at the moment from her full time job as a firefighter at a local township, do to breathing complications. She worked long 24 hour shifts, saveing lives and still managed to take care of her family like no other mother I've ever met.
Even though she is not able to be at the scene of a fire does not stop her. She will go to classrooms to visit and share her stories to give hope to young people for they future. ecspecially young ladies. "Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't, because you can!", is just one of her famous quotes.
She also built her home next to her mothers house so that she could look after her as she aged. Sadly this spring her mother passed. We will miss granny dearly and we will never forget what she gave to us... Our Awesome Mother.