Yep. You read that correctly. In the latest from the "WTF?!" files a mother in Utah is facing felony charges after investigators say she took nude photographs of her  13-year-old daughter, fully aware the girl intended to send them to a man in Oregon. A 30-year-old man in Oregon.

Salt Lake City's Desert News reports the teenager told police that her 30-year-old boyfriend provided her with a cellphone and asked that she send him naked pictures.

When she couldn't figure out how to take them herself, her mom stepped right up and snapped 3 nude pics,  which were then sent to the boyfriend in Oregon.

The mother, 35, corroborated the girl's story, saying she knew the girl planned to sext the photos to her pervy, 17 years-older than her, boyfriend.

Ok, all together now-- "WTF?!" Right?