A few months ago, I watched the documentary “Mortified Nation” on NetFlix, and it inspired me. If you haven’t seen “Mortified Nation” it is a documentary about a show that is done in cities around the country in which adults get up on a stage in front of hundreds of people and read aloud from their childhood journals.

I was a pretty dedicated journal-writer when I was a kid, so I felt it was my duty to do this and share them with all of you. Here's the second installment of "Mortified Wendy".

I’m calling the journal that I’m starting out with “The Jesus Letters” because my youth group leader at the time had suggested that we write a sort of diary, but make it full of letters to Jesus. This installment covers the topics of "Happy Belated Birthday, Jesus!" and "Christmas sickness".

There will be more installments of “Mortified Wendy” coming in the coming weeks and months (I have a lot of material to cover), so be sure to keep checking back, and also subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you know when new episodes are published!